Finding The Right Real Estate Investor To Help You Acquire Great Financial Wealth


Do you want to find the right real estate investor to help you with your financial wealth?

Say no more!

In today’s episode, I am so excited to speak to Eva Angelina Romero. Wait, who is Eva? 

Well, Eva was born and reared in the Californian city of Los Angeles and she’s a woman with many powerful traits. Let’s get to know her: 

Eva earned her bachelor's degree from California State University, Northridge, then went on to pursue graduate degrees in business and entrepreneurship at other universities. In 2012, she and her husband relocated to Nashville and in 2013, Eva received her Brokers license and established Solace Oral Surgery. She is currently the Broker/Owner of Evaco properties, as well as the co-owner of Solace Oral Surgery and Solace Mobile Oral Surgery. 

Eva began her career in education at a young age and went on to teach for many years at Los Angeles' inner-city high schools. She was a business development instructor who also taught a variety of other subjects. She’s also an active individual in her community and has dedicated the majority of her life to service through leadership - as an educator, mentor, and philanthropist in her career and is involved with many non-profit organizations.

Today, Eva is the president of the HDSA TN Chapter and serves on the boards of the American Red Cross, TLACC, The Vintage Affair, OneGen Away, HOLA, and ELLA. Also, her business philosophy emphasizes the importance of doing things correctly the first time. Through mentorship, training, and offering leadership chances, she aims to build leaders inside her organizations. 

Today, Eva and I will deep dive into her inside story. We’ll uncover the truths behind her past, talk about parenthood, real estate, and the truth of being in the shadows of someone. Today’s episode will inspire many women to reach high up in the sky and rise like a phoenix. Let’s listen to Eva Angelina Romero’s inside story!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Who is Eva Angelina Romero?
  • Figuring out who Eva was at 27
  • Viewed as a “Shadow” and not the “Main character”
  • Experiencing parenthood at a young age
  • Eva’s journey to self-discovering herself and her career 
  • About the real estate industry…
  • Huntington’s disease & strength of being vulnerable
  • Inside story: Believing in your beauty- your “Superpower”

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