How A Blind Man Sees The World With Perfect Vision- With Ed Marquette


We all endure challenges, but for many people, the potential of losing their sight is terrifying. Despite taking enormous challenges as a result of visual loss, some genuinely remarkable people in the world have surmounted their handicaps to accomplish incredible achievements. I think that is true because there are many individuals in the world today who have perfectly healthy eyes but do not see clearly the way they are conducting their lives. Well, allow me to introduce to you a great friend of mine. Yes, in today’s episode, we talk to Ed Marquette!

Ed Marquette is a man who lost his sight at the age of 17. He’s also a Client, Business Partner, Advocate, Strategist, and Senior Partner at Kutak Rock- a legal firm that handles hardware development agreements, license agreements, distribution agreements, and prosecute and enforce intellectual property (IP) rights. His IP practice includes brand and trademark counseling, protection, and enforcement. Ed's technology-related practice encompasses technology development, e-commerce, and internet law matters, with a trade regulation experience internationally and domestically.

He’s studied at the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree Bachelor of Arts (Economics) and continued his studies at Harvard University under Doctor of Law (J.D.). Since then, he’s been working hard and passionately, gaining success in his line of work. Initially growing out of his franchising experience, Ed has developed a national reputation for legal matters affecting dentistry, including dental practice law compliance, reimbursement risks, and issues. But with 27 years of experience at Spencer Fane Britt & Browne, Ed moved his team to Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal. They were there for six years until Ed felt it was time and beneficial to move his team forward.

To create more opportunities for his partners and colleagues, he moved to Kutak Rock, Kansas City, LLP. Today, Ed’s now worked for more than 11 years in the company and has inspired many of those younger than him to chase their dreams through hard work. That said, Ed and I are so excited to listen to this podcast! Let’s get to it!

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