How To Grow A Multi-Million Dollar Commercial Painting Company


Back then, when women took charge of a business, the room went silent and there were doubts in the community. However, in today’s world, female bosses thrive in the city and we applaud with pride! In today’s episode, I talk to serial entrepreneur, Tiffany Wondrow.

Oh wait, who is Tiffany and what does she do? Let’s get to know this boss babe:

Tiffany Wondrow is the President and owner of C&R Services, Inc., a commercial painting services firm.

That said, Tiffany wasn’t always the boss. She had to gain experience in other fields. In fact, her first job was in commercial real estate management, where she worked for companies including Highwoods, JLL, CBRE, and Crescent Resources. She enjoyed working in commercial real estate, dealing with tenants, managing construction projects, negotiating leases, contract administration, and other aspects of the industry. With resilience, grit, and hardwood, she took a risk by partnering with her husband to run C&R full-time, in 2008. Since then, Tiffany has been managing the company full time alongside her wonderful husband, Jason Wondrow.

Today, Tiffany is also a member of the Nashville Chapters of NAWIC and IFMA. She is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a University of Phoenix graduate who is passionate about the advancement of women in the construction industry.

That said, today’s episode is all about the importance of purpose, serving others, growing a business, and making things happen. This episode will help and inspire you to stand up and keep things rolling. I am so excited to share with you the wonders of Tiffany’s success and how she got there. From rags to riches, let’s get into Tiffany’s inside story!

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Who is Tiffany Wondrow?
  • Making things happen through partnership
  • A story of purpose, growth, support, and help
  • Why should Entrepreneurs be deeply involved in their business?
  • Competitors Vs. Co-petitors
  • The secret to growth: Working with integrity and trust
  • How valuable is learning a new language?
  • Going deep: Intertwining family in a company’s culture
  • Women in power! A new “Today” in the construction industry
    Learning new things through social media!

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