Growing Your Company with the Right Benefits Partner and Employee Benefits – With Will Brown


We all know that connections and trust are essential in everything we do.

 In the business world, having a well-connected entrepreneurial network can help obtain unexpected sources of knowledge and jumpstart one’s entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re a big or small company, utilizing your entrepreneurial network entails reaching out and asking people you know, don't know, or are acquainted within your company’s time of need. That said, establishing trust and a solid reputation can be beneficial to a company's success.

In today’s episode, our guest, Will Brown, talks about establishing trust, entrepreneurial connections, and the importance of benefits. We talk about the significance of employee benefits, how he can help grow your small business and help you set your company apart from the competition.

About Our Guest: Will Brown

Will Brown is a CPA and is the owner of The Benefits Group. The Benefits Group helps small to mid-sized businesses offer Fortune 500 Benefits through a creative plan design and understanding of the business/employee demographic. Will is also a Principal Member of SolutionPoint Consulting and is a well-connected individual. He knows plenty of solution-driven professionals and business owners who understand investing and benefits.

According to Will, “Today's employees are more educated and have access to more information and resources. They know what your competitors offer, and they know what they want. It is up to you to understand the value of a good employee, the cost of turnover, and the concept of happy productivity. In my business, I serve sincerity and professionally.” Will’s goal is to add value, connect people, and help others achieve their desired outcome.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Who is Will Brown? (1:38-8:38)
  • About Employees & Benefits (8:57-14:53)
  • Supporting Small Companies (14:55-19:30)
  • Will’s Legacy and Calling (19:35-23:46)
  • Transitioning & Renewing One Plan To Another (23:51-26:09)
  • Connection & Passionate Inside Stories (27:04-30:26)

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