Why am I am launching Inside Story Hunters?


Welcome! If you are like me and love a great story, you have landed in the right place.

My name is Laurie and for years, I have been connecting people and businesses driving opportunities that I knew would set the stage for great new friendships whether personally or professionally. I truly believe that we are who we surround ourselves with.

In business, I am known for helping people unleash their “Inside Stories”. Over and over again, I have seen the power of who and what a story can influence when shared with the right audience. I am a passionate story hunter in search of opportunities to build current and future relationships. As a relationship expert, I am committed to bringing the right people together and reflecting their greatest strengths to them.

Join me each week as we hunt for some great new “Inside Stories”. Our stories are the essence of human connection and the driving catalyst for clarity, change, growth, and opportunity.

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